Welcome to 2017 and our first newsletter of the year!  The first article in our newsletter is about a great way to start out the year right – Tips to declutter and reduce stress in your home!  The holiday season is always a great reminder to us that keeping everything neat and organized in your home isn’t always the easiest task. You may find that your house is not only due for a post-holiday cleaning, but it’s also a good time to think of ways to avoid an annual massive clean-up next year.

The second article is about resolutions, and gives you the top 5 reasons you should resolve to hire yourself an agent to represent you when you purchase or sell a home this year!  It specifically talks about the 6th reason – the emotional element of home ownership.  We are the pros – give us a call!

Last but not least is the Northern Colorado Economic Snapshot.  Although the final year-end stats aren’t in yet, it was certainly an interesting year with low inventory and rising prices, and it will most likely continue this way well into 2017.  Click on the banner above to read more about all of the above, and then call OWN THIS HOME TEAM for help with ALL of your 2017 real estate needs!