We hope you will enjoy our July Newsletter.  The first article will tell you “4 things only a REALTOR knows about real estate”.  This article, from the RE/MAX blog outlines four criteria that no computer can likely help you navigate, and are key to getting the best possible experience out of buying or selling your home.  The second article is titled “10 apps to make home maintenance easier than ever”.  From things like picking a new paint color, finding the best price on home building materials, a digital “life alert” and even, a Fitbit-esque mowing app for your lawn. Check out this list of the top homeowner must-have apps from Realtor.com for full details and more ideas!

And as usual, it features our Northern Colorado Economic Snapshot with the most recent real estate stats.  After you read the newsletter, don’t forget to call OWN THIS HOME TEAM for help with ALL of your real estate needs!