We hope you enjoy our March edition of our monthly Northern Colorado Reporter Newsletter (click on the graphic above).  There are two articles to read, along with our monthly Economic Snapshot.  The first article is called “24 ways to spend your tax refund”.  Although most everyone we know will probably use their refunds to pay off bills or put in savings, the 24 ways in the article are fun to think about!  The second article comes from BobVila.com and outlines 11 different ideas and tips for keeping your monthly energy costs at bay…something most everyone can use after the long cold winter the whole country has experienced!

Our Economic Snapshot indicates that we are entering our fourth year of a listing drought in Northern Colorado, resulting in increased demand, which in turn increases home values.  The drought has brought new construction back, and interest rates are still low, so if you have been thinking of a new home, this could be the time.  OWN THIS HOME TEAM is always here to help you with ALL of your real estate needs!  Hope you enjoy the newsletter.