Northern Colorado Reporter


Please enjoy our May 2014 edition of the Northern Colorado Reporter by clicking on the above graphic.  There are two very interesting articles – “To fix or not to fix…that is the question”, and “Infographic:  The psychology of color”, as well as an Economic Snapshot of the Northern Colorado real estate market.  The first article gives you 8 questions to ask yourself while deciding whether to fix things to get your house ready to sell.  Things like does the faulty item give the impression the property has not been well cared for, or would it be a deal breaker if it wasn’t fixed.  Interesting questions to ask yourself.  The second article actually goes into the psychology of what colors different rooms should be painted, and why!  Eye-opening info!  The Economic Snapshot reiterates the past few months trend of low inventory and high demand = higher prices and a seller market.  Anyway, we hope you enjoy the newsletter, and don’t forget….OWN THIS HOME TEAM is here for ALL of your real estate needs!