Tall man standing in too small house with roof on head

Have you outgrown your house?  There are lots of reasons why this might be the case – a growing family, you are aging (maybe it’s too big?), you have too much “stuff”, you have a new pet, your life-style has change,  lots of reasons.  If any of the scenarios below apply to you, be sure to let OWN THIS HOME TEAM know so we can help you with your dilemma!

1.  GROWING FAMILY – The most common reason for families outgrowing their home is the addition of new children.  What seemed like your perfect home a few years ago may not have enough bedrooms, baths or play space for several children.  It may be time to upgrade to a larger home when you are tripping over the toys and fighting for the bathroom!

2.  YOU’RE AGING – Outgrowing your home can also mean it is now too big for your needs, or you don’t want to deal with stairs anymore, or you just don’t want to mow that huge lawn anymore.  Many “empty-nesters” are deciding to downsize for less maintenance and lower costs.

3.  TOO MUCH FURNITURE AND NOT ENOUGH ROOM – Everyone accumulates “stuff” over the years.  Maybe you found the perfect antique furniture, but it overwhelms your living room, or you graduated to a King-sized bed, but there is no room to walk in your bedroom, or you just need more storage space for all your toys.  Might be time for a larger or more modern home with a bigger garage or basement.

4.  NEW PETS – You had a Poodle when you moved in and now you have a Great Dane.  Maybe it’s time to look for a house with a bigger yard and a higher fence!

5.  FREQUENT ENTERTAINING – Your career has grown and you need to do more entertaining, or the kids have left and it’s time for you to start having adults over for dinner!  Life-style changes can mean that you need a different kind of space…more square footage, an open floor plan, whatever your needs are, it means change!

These are some of the most common reasons why a once ideal home can begin to feel cramped.  You could buy smaller furniture, tear out walls to remodel, build a storage shed in the back yard, or….it may be a sign that you’ve out-grown your home!  Call (or Click) OWN THIS HOME TEAM for help and/or just plain advice!