Saw a news show about a trend toward multigenerational housing last weekend.  It seems that we are going back to the old days when grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren were all under one roof!  This article jumped out right after seeing that news show, so….it must be true!!!  According to the article, about 50 million of us live in multigenerational households.  Most of us didn’t plan it, but here is a sample of what might have happened (from the article):

You bought the house
You got a dog
You had kids
Dad died, and Mom moved in
A friend needed a place to stay after rehab
You hosted a foreign exchange student
A kid moved out after college and you turned her room into a gift-wrapping station
A kid moved back in to save money while she looked for a job, and all the gift wrap ended up in the garage
Your sister got divorced, she and her kids moved in with you
You considered moving into a tiny condo to get away from everyone

Read the rest of the article to see what options you should consider to prepare for some of the above scenarios when you are remodeling your home!

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