On 09/20/07 the Loveland Berthoud Association of Realtors and the Colorado Association of Realtors named me as the 2007 Realtor of the Year.  Such a great honor!  I was totally surprised and had no idea that my family and office associates knew weeks ahead of time.  You see, most of the time I don’t take myself too seriously and just concentrate on taking care of my clients!  Looking back over my real estate career I have to wonder do all Realtor of the Year’s have moments like these…

Office Mates Who Often Cry 

When I started real estate, my children were young.  In fact my son was just a few months old (he is now 13!).  I conducted all my real estate from my home office, which included phone, computer, fax machine and the most amount of toys my commission check could buy so I could hopefully get another one.  I bought every johnny jump up, walker, jungle gym, boucey seat I could find just so I could work a few more minutes before having to entertain a toddler.  I often found my cell phone strategically placed in my shoe by my office sidekick who never crawled but rolled himself around the office and chewed up all the office plants.  When we just couldn’t stand to be in the office anymore, we would often hop into the car and go on an office property tour! 

Forgot to Leave a Card

My daughter came along just two and half years later.  She did crawl but more like Quasi Moto.  She was kinder and gentler to office plants and equipment.  However, she left her mark when we showed properties.  As we were out showing property (hoping to make enough money to buy another new jungle gym), we started out fully dressed, cute dress, baby sunglasses and sun hat, sandals and diaper.  We showed 12 properties that day and at the last property, I noticed we were missing one article of clothing…the diaper!  I was abhorred.  I back tracked to every house, but never did find it.  I had to each listing agent that sounded liked this, “You are never going to believe what happened, but…”